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About Revert Design

We are a creative agency located in Northern, New Jersey. We are passionate about business insights and innovative technology, creative ideas and beautiful design.

With over 15 years of experience designing for the Web and Print, Revert Designs has the necessary track record to provide you with unique, professional solutions for your website and graphic design needs. From basic websites to multimedia flash-enabled projects, anything print related we create designs that give our clients high-profile, modern “looks” that achieve results.

With Revert Designs you can find great solutions to all your design needs. Besides website design, we can provide you with a wide-range of related graphics and publishing solutions including: Business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures and Packaging Design that can be vital marketing assets to your business or organization. A professional organization will want to convey a cohesive and comprehensive brand identity to its customers and the first place to start is with your traditional printed materials.

Revert Designs can also aid in the often daunting process of getting your materials printed at a professional service bureau. Through consultation we can help you to decide the best prices and services. For even less hassle we can have your materials printed and shipped direct to you.

Whether you have never had a web presence, or you need a redesign of an established site, Revert Designs can always find ways to bring  innovation to your website.





The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us. We are pleased to find that our service is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals and small business clients.

“Working with Revert Graphics has been an extremely positive experience. The end result has exceeded our expectations on every level. Our new website looks beautiful and much care was taken down to the smallest detail. We have already received numerous comments on how great the new site is.”
Jefferson Township Fire Co. 1 |

“Revert Graphics and their team are the best! From collaboration to concept to completion, their attention to detail is unmatched. I ended up with the perfect web site and marketing materials that are individual and perfect for me.”
Anthony Gualano | Regal Printers



Our Services

What makes Revert Designs nique is our approach to problem-solving. We work to understand and carefully evaluate project requirements in order to create appropriate design solutions.
We think strategically at every step of the design process.


Revert Designs combines consumer insights with strategic thinking and refined graphic design to create a 360 degree brand experience. READ MORE


We create print and digital advertising that are smart, stylish extensions of a larger brand strategy that Revert Designs develops. READ MORE


Revert Designs  has the expertise necessary to deliver quality, cost-effective internet marketing services that yield high-end results. READ MORE


Revert Designs will bring more visitors to your site by improving your ranking in search engines and building your online presence. READ MORE


Revert Designs builds branded environments that are a seamless extension of the brand image work that we do for you. READ MORE


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare… everyone knows the importance of social media these days. READ MORE


Logo Design Corporate Identity

From logo design to website development, content writing, and creative services, Revert Design’s experienced team of pros can take your business from start-up to success!

Brand Identity Services

We started Revert Designs because at one point most businesses are where you are right now…weighing the cost of hiring a creative services firm to create a great identity for your business versus taking on the challenge of doing it yourself.

We’re not going to tell you which way is better. In fact, our team is made up of people who believe that if it can be done, we can get it done—even if we need to learn how to do it.

Your company logo and corporate identity – your brand – are the primary visual and emotional tools used to connect with your target prospects. It should not only identify the products and services of your company, but also differentiate it from your competitors. It is used to clearly convey the company’s purpose and values, confirming its credibility.

The brand is the personification of the company. It’s the foundation piece in your marketing communication, so it needs to be carefully developed.

Contact us for more information on how to spread your brand message and influence the hearts and minds of your clients and prospects.

Why does Branding Matter?

Every which way we turn, there is an endless barrage of messages fighting for our attention—billboards, smartphones, cereal boxes, pop-up ads, and on and on. In this ever-competitive world, branding helps your customers and prospects distinguish your brand from an overwhelming sea of choices. The very best brands can speak volumes within seconds and rise above  to be noticed—and remembered. These are the brands that are well designed, smart, on point, memorable and above all else, unforgettable.

Brand Identity services can include:

  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Name Development
  • Tagline Creation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Creative Development

Interested in learning more? Contact us for more information about our brand identity services.



Print & Digital Design

From business cards and brochure design to trade show displays and catalogues, our team provides a wide array of print marketing materials that will establish your company’s brand and clearly communicate messaging to potential clients and partners.

Although online channels have increased the reach and available volume of communication opportunities, the need for print and digital design has not gone away. In fact, your company brand and “leave behind” or follow up collateral are more important than ever in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Printed materials such as brochures, postcards, newsletters, posters, annual reports and full identity packages (letterhead, business cards and envelopes) provide long-term impact to your customers or prospective clients. Your identity package is a representation of your business and a good brand establishes visibility, credibility, and trust. A professional brand makes you memorable and will take your business a long way.

At Revert Designs, we recommend well-crafted printed materials to work with your website design and other online efforts to help you stand above your competition. These pieces deliver a multifaceted message to your targeted audience. Printed collateral often lend to referencing back to your website or online profiles for more information.

Common design projects
  • annual reports
  • brochures
  • case studies
  • direct mail, postcards
  • holiday or event cards
  • information graphics
  • logo creation
  • newsletters/publications
  • posters
  • signage
  • stationery/letterhead/envelopes

Creative Graphic Design, Driven by
Marketing Goals

Your graphic design and branding style needs to separate you from your competition. Our designers constantly create designs that are expressive, unique, and visually stimulating, in order to create vital interaction with the viewer. Design is communication, and we will help you get your message across to your target audience.

Everything we do at Revert Designs is designed to grow your business. All of our work not only looks good, but it serves a purpose. Everything is designed to increase sales, improve customer relations, and increase your bottom line. We believe that our designs need to look incredible, but behind that, and driving it, there has to be a purpose and a message being communicated to the target audience. Some companies sacrifice aesthetics for marketing, and others sacrifice marketing for aesthetics. Both are mistakes. That’s why we employ marketing-driven design. Marketing and business growth are the foundation of everything we do.

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Web & Interactive Design

Revert Design's websites are easy-to-use, dynamic, flexible, and scalable. Every website we design and create for a client is developed to grow with their business and get results.

Your website is quite often the first contact you will have with your clients. It is the primary tool used to attract and inform your online audience. Your website will influence the way you are perceived by your audience, so it is important that it is carefully crafted.

Revert Designs helps you rethink your online presence and provide your online visitors with a rewarding user-friendly experience. We can also help you get your Social Media profiles up and running so you can communicate and learn more about your target prospects.

Here is just a sampling of the services and programs that our team of web developers and programmers are qualified to work with on your particular project:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Website integration with WordPress – Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive web design development (mobile-friendly websites)
  • Professional Corporate Websites
  • Flash Web Design
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Rich Media Websites
  • Social Media Integration: Custom profile and page designs for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and more.
  • Web-based database management tools
  • Enterprise-level web portals
  • Client/Project Management Systems
  • Inventory Control
  • Online Registrations for subscription-based services

Web Design and Development Services

When you work with Revert Designs, Morris County, NJ website design and development is part creative and part business. The creative process extends well beyond pure art. The most unique creative ideas, whether they are amusing, shocking, thought-provoking, or innovative, are of relatively little value if they are not positively impacting your bottom line.

Why us? Because we’re a talent-driven agency that specializes in branding, web design, and marketing communications. Revert Design Morris County website design agency offers full service resources for publishing, interactive multimedia, and content development.

The end product of your website development project will always weigh heavily on the target goals of your business. All ideas presented for your consideration are evaluated and measured against your ultimate business goals and objectives. Special attention is given to creating design qualities that elicit a positive emotional response and audience engagement.

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Search Engine Optimization

Using today’s best practices, Revert Design's will keep you in Google’s good graces, ensuring your website is ready to deliver, and targeting the key terms and phrases your customers actually search for; ultimately getting you found before your competitors.

Are you being found online? Are you struggling to move your website onto the first page of search engine results? Is your traffic converting at lower rates than you hoped? If so, your site probably lacks the proper search engine optimization (SEO) required to maximize your business’s visibility.

What exactly is SEO? It’s the art and science of understanding and utilizing website code and content in order to build your brand awareness and your subject matter authority. This helps your business be found for the keywords your customers are using, and it earns you links. At Revert Design’s, we’ve devoted years to honing and developing the skills necessary to take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimization.

How Do We Do SEO Differently?

We conduct in-depth research on your industry and target market, uncovering what they search for and how they search for it.
We evaluate your website’s current SEO status with a fine-toothed comb, all the way down to its images. Then we continue to track progress in a clear and organized manner so you can see your goals being met in real time.
No two websites or businesses are alike. We’ll customize an equally unique SEO strategy for your business with your budget, current SEO situation, and goals in mind.
Link building is an extremely important part of earning supreme rankings – but it must be done naturally to avoid penalization. With our link building services, we take the time to ensure that credible and authoritative resources want to link to you.
Links seen as “unnatural” in Google’s eyes can do some serious damage to your website’s rankings. If you think unnatural backlinks are causing your rankings to drop, or you’d just like to ensure that you’re in the clear, we’ll analyze the links pointing to your website, and take action as necessary.
Local SEO is on the rise, and is, therefore, extremely important, especially if you have one or more brick-and-mortar locations. To serve up the most relevant information, Google considers geographic location when users perform searches. If your business has a weak or non-existent local SEO presence, you may not show up at all. That’s where we come in.

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In search results Google™ displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

In simple terms your web pages have the potential to rank in Google™ so long as other web pages link to them.

Why is SEO Important?

While you may use strategies like splash pages and social networking sites to build audiences, they all point back to the main jewel in your online arsenal: the company website.  It is not enough to build an amazing website and then hope people find it.  What you must do is include elements in the website design that capture the attention of search engines.  That’s where your SEO efforts come into play.

The whole process of SEO is to:

  • Learn which pertinent keywords to include.
  • Create content that is relevant and meaningful.
  • Get the attention of search engines.

If your site is contains the products and/or services users hope to find when they enter a search phrase into a browser, then you have a very good chance of finding your site at least on the first page of the search results. When you have done a great job with SEO, your site will show up in the top three results, something that will drastically increase visits to the site.



Custom Sign & Signage Design Services

Our expert Sign Design Services make your visual impressions crisp and clear!

The design stage of your sign project may be as simple as designing a sign that matches an existing color scheme for a building, or as complex as using different effects to create a custom look for a particular situation.

At Revert Designs, our renowned sign design services create Custom Signs.. Our expert signage design teams can assist you in creating an awe-inspiring and memorable brand. We carefully optimize your logos and graphics and match colors to design professional quality signs and other types of visual presentations that achieve the desired look for your business or event signage.

There are many ways to use different materials to create different effects. Our sign design team has a vast knowledge of what color, shape, and texture combinations work well. If you are looking for impact, attention, or a means to best represent your image, feel free to join in the design process! Our designers will listen to your input in order to incorporate your ideas into the final layout.


Social Media Marketing

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